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Meet Community Energy…Where You Take Charge!

A Unified Voice for Lower Energy Bills
Community Energy, L.P. is a licensed aggregator of electrical power, serving residential, small business, commercial, and non-profit power users throughout the State of Texas. As an aggregator, we help large groups combine their buying power to lower electrical rates from existing power providers.
  • We serve as a gathering place for like-minded electricity users to combine their buying power.

  • We don't supply the electricity...We negotiate it at a lower rate.

  • We then continue to serve by monitoring the contract with the power company and administrating the accounts for our user groups.

  • Our fees are paid by the power company in the form of commissions.
The Difference Comes Back To You
What makes Community Energy unique is this: We stand by you to make a difference in your community. Each month, we hold a small portion of your savings on your behalf. You may then elect to:

1. Take the savings as a cash-back, year-end bonus.
2. Direct the rebate to the Community Energy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) entity, and claim a tax deduction. You may then recommend which charities you would like to receive grants from the Community Energy Foundation.

Either way, we stay involved, and you come out ahead with Community Energy.