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"Take Charge" Corporations are Saving Up to 30% on Electricity with Community Energy

Yes, You Can Cut Costs Without Switching Power Companies!
Community Energy knows, the larger your organization, the harder it is to implement changes. However, in today's deregulated energy market, you can now save up to 30% on your monthly electric bills without changing your power supplier. Best yet, it's easier than you think.

Community Energy is already helping large commercial users across Texas cut energy costs by renegotiating their utility contracts.
  • The same company continues delivering the electricity as before, so there's no change in quality of service.

  • What changes is your rate up to 30% savings on monthly electricity.

  • You pay Community Energy nothing for renegotiating the contract the electric company pays us a commission.

  • We will hold a portion of your savings on your behalf. You may choose to receive this savings in the form of a cash-back, year-end bonus, OR a voluntary, tax-deductible donation to the Community Energy Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) entity serving charities in your area. Your choice.
No wonder so many large commercial and industrial power users are turning to Community Energy for significant savings. 30% off a $10,000 energy bill puts $3,000 back into your bottom line! Contact us for complete details today.
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