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It All Started With a Desire To Do More…

Community Energy: Grounded in Service
Community Energy, L.P. was formed by experienced professionals who recognized the power of community. The idea was simple: provide experienced guidance to help consumers navigate the uncharted waters of electricity deregulation, band into purchasing groups, and negotiate significant savings by buying electricity in bulk. What's more, if enough people shared the same interests – in business, locality, or other association – couldn't they also make a positive impact in their communities? Of course. And Community Energy could serve as the conduit.

The Spark to a New Idea
When the energy industry deregulated under Senate Bill 7 (SB 7) in 1999, the ideals supporting Community Energy came to life. SB 7 provided:
1. Unbundled Service – requiring investor-owned utilities to unbundle their generation, transmission and/or distribution, and retail functions for competitive interaction.
2. Continuing Wires Regulation – regulating transmission and/or distribution services, while opening meter reading to competition.
3. Limited Ownership of Installed Capacity – preventing power generation companies from owning more than 20% of installed capacity in any defined region.
4. Price to Beat – Fixing utility company affiliated Retail Electric Provider retail prices for 36 months or until 40% of its customer base is switched to a competitive service.
5. Protection of Municipally Owned or Cooperative Utilities – exempting these entities from the provisions of the bill at their option.

Community Energy Powers Up
In 2002, Community Energy had assembled enough funding, capital assets, and talent to launch its bold, new venture in the deregulated energy market. Providing aggregation services to commercial and residential customers throughout Texas, the company began helping organizations benefit from reduced electrical costs.

Today, Community Energy, L.P. serves as an independent limited partnership and is free to secure power for its aggregation members from any licensed Retail Electric Provider at the best available price.

The company also established the Community Energy Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charity, receiving voluntary, tax-deductible donations from customers and disbursing those funds to other charities based on customer recommendations.

From a desire to do more, to the realization of a dream, Community Energy is taking charge – giving customers buying power, plus!